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Grow interest in your fundraiser with PicketMaster custom engraved pickets

Raise thousands with the engraved picket fence fundraiser

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The perfect fundraiser for your outdoor project. A great way to fundraise for churches, parks, playgrounds, ball fields, walkways, and gardens. It's an easy, fun, memorable, and expandable fundraiser that lasts for years and years.

What is the engraved picket fence fundraiser? A simple fence which has been used for years to raise money for playground equipment throughout the world. Easy and profitable, the picket fence fundraiser gives your organization the ability to raise thousands of dollars for your project.

Simple to plan, implement, and install. We do the hard part: every picket is perfectly engraved, painted and shaped. All you have to do is put them up.

On the fence?

Try a demo fence! Send us up to four sponsor names and we will create a freestanding, miniature four picket fence. Try it for $60 for your first demo fence.

The charge will be recredited to your account after an order of 100 pickets or more.

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…it makes a very attractive display and has resulted in more picket sales.
Charlie M.