What text can I put on a picket?

All basic English (Latin) characters and digits are allowed. Letters will be capitalized. Most of the punctuation characters found on a standard U.S. keyboard can be used with the exception of the ampersand (&). No more than 20 characters including whitespace are allowed per picket. Text may be of any simple color (red, orange, blue…).

What are the picket dimensions?

The pickets are 2.75 inches wide and 4 feet tall. At our recommended spacing of 2.75 inches between pickets, this gives approximately 22 pickets per 10 feet.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is $2.75 USD for each picket. We do not ship internationally.

What is the turnaround on the fences?

The turnaround depends on the type of wood (composite takes longer) and how large the order is. Times of 3–4 weeks are common.

How much should we charge per picket?

Your fundraising organization is in charge of setting the price of the picket — you know better than us what your market will bear. The minimum we suggest you charge is $30 for the wooden pickets and $40 for the polywoods. Business sponsors will pay up to $100. This way you will at least double your money and have funds available for materials and installation.

We don't need a fence, how can we use this for our fundraiser?

The fence doesn't have to encompass anything in particular. It can be a barrier but oftentimes is also used as a memorial or donor wall. It also works great with walkways, gardens or a botanica.

Do we have to install the fence ourselves?

We do not perform installation. You can choose to use volunteers or a professional for installation. The installation is simple and requires only a basic skill level. Necessary tools include a post hole digger, string, level, cordless drills and a little elbow grease.

Will my organization have to purchase the lumber and composite board along with screws for installation of fence?

The price of the picket that we charge organizations does not include the post, header lumber/composite, screws, or necessary tools for installation. Many local-area merchants will donate these materials.

Are maintenance and upkeep a concern for our maintenance or park & recreation department?

Maintenance is suggested but not mandatory for the life of the fence. We suggest that the wood fence be sealed once a year to maintain the luster of the wood. The polywoods are maintenance-free and have a 25-year warranty. You may want to pressure pressure wash once a year to remove dirt and debris.

What if we don't need a fence around our playground or park?

The picket fence fundraiser isn't just for playgrounds, it's also great for walkways, gardens, donor walls… anywhere you can put a fence.

Another great feature of this fundraiser is that it's expandable. If the fence is not fully enclosed, you can do the fundraiser again later by just adding new sections to the fence. This works great with schools whose student body is always changing, for example. With a fully enclosed fence, you can fill out any remaining blank pickets or do a board-on-board — putting the pickets on both sides of the fence, doubling the number of pickets.

Benefits of the Picket Fence Fundraiser

  • No worrying about dividing products, delivery of products, or refrigeration of products
  • The fundraiser has a high participation rate because of simplicity
  • The fundraiser is expandable because it can be ongoing or repeated as more donors become available
  • The fundraiser is easy to organize
    1. Gain approval from the organization's approval committee or board and order a demo fence
    2. Educate organizational participants on what the picket fundraiser is, what the organization will get, and what the return for donation is
    3. Send out custom order forms (with dollar amount and return date deadline) to potential donors
    4. Set the date and time for installation, line up volunteer help, and have all tools and materials on site when pickets are delivered